True art lies in a reality that is felt- Odilon Redon

Art has always been impactful for me. As the daughter of a dancer, I was enrolled as a little girl and chose ballet over everything else. The stage was my home and the line was my art. I was encouraged to go to college and get a degree, which in truth dampened my artistic spirit, as I always thought I would end up with a professional company. I found a love for the skies and completed my studies in Aviation. While interning at a major airline, I befriended the company photographer. His kindness overwhelmed me, and I spent hours in his darkroom enlarging some amazing vintage film from the heyday of TWA. I had taken a photography class in college and he invited me along to photograph banquets and crew. I had no clue entering an aviation program that I might find such a creative outlet. I truly feel as though my circle came to a close and I was right back where I belonged.

The arrival of my children redirected my attention to portraits. I delight in creating a portrait that speaks to the viewer. I am so fortunate to have found photography. I get to do something I love and be a witness to life’s joyful moments. All the while, meeting some of the most amazing people.

I look forward to creating unique, special images with you which will remind you of life’s moments for years to come.

“Life is only traveled once; today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory.”